summer holiday coloring pages

Holiday coloring pages

Holiday coloring pages is a collection of simple drawings for kids to color during the holidays. Depending on where you spend your vacation, I have prepared beach and camping drawings for you. They are simple enough in the form of a coloring book that they are perfect for classes in kindergarten. They are also perfect for a trip. Even while traveling by train, plane or in the car, children can start coloring them. Prepare them for something to do while they are driving and let them enjoy the thought of vacationing with these simple holiday coloring pages.

Beach coloring pages

The beach and the sea are a frequent destination for family vacations. Time spent on the beach is immediately associated with carefree summer, making sand cakes and swimming in the sea. That is why I have prepared a few simple coloring pages for children with a beach theme. There is sand, water, beautiful sun and palm trees. You can easily draw such a palm by yourself thanks to the step-by-step instructions on how to draw a palm tree.

Coloring pages for summer

Another very popular place during summer holidays are the mountains. Holidays in a tent are a topic that often comes up when talking about holidays. Below, especially for you, I have prepared a few coloring pages related to the mountain theme, camping holidays and camping. These are the perfect coloring pages for a holiday in the mountains. You can also try to draw trees like below. All you need to do is read the instructions on how to draw a tree.

Holiday coloring pages and tasks

When it rains or the weather is bad during the summer holidays, kids can get a bit bored and complain about the lack of activities. If you do not want your kids to spend the whole holiday with their nose in the screen, you can always print them these holiday sentences. Choose from cutouts, lines or traces. Of course, nothing prevents you from coloring these drawings at the end. It will be fun for children during the holidays.

Children can also make such a drawing of ice cream on their own. See a simple step-by-step instruction on how to draw ice cream.