how to draw a bicycle

How to draw a bike? – step by step

You are here because you would like to know how to draw a bicycle. It is not an easy matter, especially when we want it to look realistic. That is why I tried to simplify the matter as much as possible by minimizing the amount of details. You know, there are many types of bicycles. In this exercise, I will teach you how to draw a city bike.

Be patient and don’t get discouraged if things don’t work out at first. Gentle pencil sketching is my way of drawing difficult objects. Then, if anything goes wrong, you can always erase it with a rubber eraser.

You will need a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser to complete this exercise. If you would like to practice drawing something simpler first, then I invite you to the post How to draw a tree.

How to draw a bike? – instruction

I will not lie to you – this task is not the easiest. Therefore, to make it as easy as possible for you, each of the following stages is marked in red. Remember not to press too hard on the pencil so that it can easily rubber out in case you make a mistake.

Time needed: 15 minutes

This post is a picture instruction on how to draw a city bike

  1. Draw two circles

    We start by drawing two circles at the bottom of the page. They are to be quite large and more or less at a distance from each other that one more wheel could fit between them.rower miejski rysowanie

  2. How to draw a bicycle – frame

    Outline the circles in the center with the smaller circles, marking the tires. Then make a small circle in the very center of the left circle. In the circle on the right, start drawing a frame – two lines going up from the center of the circle up at a slight angle. Make a slightly wavy line from the frame down to the other wheel.jak narysować rower

  3. The bicycle frame continues

    Make a connection between the frame and the wheel on the left side. Pull the lines from the center circle all the way to the frame. Also, draw a chain cover going from the left wheel to the bicycle frame.rower jak narysować

  4. Bicycle saddle and handlebar

    When we have the bicycle frame ready, it’s time for the saddle. Draw them on the left side. On the right, draw a steering wheel.rowerek rysunek

  5. Mudguard and pedal

    Above the two wheels, draw two arcs – these will be the fenders of the bike. In the circle of the frame, between the two wheels, draw a bicycle pedal.rower miejski rysunek

  6. How to draw a bicycle – spokes

    Now it’s time to draw the spokes in both wheels of the bike. Look carefully in which directions the lines go in the rear wheel of the bike. Do the same.jak narysować rower krok po kroku

  7. Bicycle coloring book

    Way to go! The drawing of the bicycle is now ready.kolorowanka rower

  8. Color the picture

    Now take the crayons and color your picture. I made a green bicycle frame, but you can make your bike in a completely different color. Have fun coloring.kolorowy rower rysunek