how to draw a bird

How to draw a bird? – step by step

This is an instruction entry on how to draw a bird. It will be a fairly simple drawing that both adults learning to draw and children can handle. The bird to which this instruction applies will be a very nice red-bellied bullfinch. So get yourself some colored pencils. First of all, orange, red, brown and gray, because these are the colors that our bird will have after coloring. Also, do not forget about a pencil and an eraser. Because we first sketch each drawing with a pencil.

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How to draw a bird? – instruction

In this post, I will show you how to draw a bird, more specifically a bullfinch. The red lines are the ones that we will draw in each subsequent step. Do you already have a blank sheet of paper in front of you? If not, take it quickly, we are about to start.

Time needed: 5 minutes

In this post you will learn how to draw a bird.

  1. Draw a sloped P

    We start by drawing a shape in the center of the sheet that looks a bit like a tilted letter P. This will be the spine and the bird’s head.rysunek ptak

  2. Belly and wings

    Now it’s time to draw the belly. From the letter P it became a bit like B. Gil is a round bird with a big belly. On the right side, line the flap in the same way as I do.gil ptaszek rysunek

  3. Petiole, eye and beak.

    Mark the eye and the spout on the head. Draw a circle and a dash where I am. At the bottom, draw a long tail.jak narysować ptaka

  4. Feathers on the wings

    In order for our bird to look like a bird, we will mark it with nice feathers on the wing. Then finish drawing the beak. The next step will also be drawing the bird’s feet. Draw two straight lines near the tail. Take a small break and draw two more.ptaszek rysunek

  5. How to draw a bird – feet

    Now it is enough to finish drawing the legs. This line I made it to mark where the orange belly and bird’s head ends.rysunek ptak

  6. Bird coloring book

    And it’s ready! You just learned how to draw a bird. Your drawing is now ready for coloring.ptak kolorowanka dla dzieci

  7. Color the picture

    The last step is to color your drawing. You can follow mine, but you can also color your drawing in completely different colors. Have fun.kolorowanka ptak