how to draw a cat step by step

How to draw a cat – step by step

Instructions that show you how to draw a cat in a simple way. Perfect for both children and adults who want to learn to draw in a fairy-tale style. It can also be used during classes in kindergarten and school. Do you or your child want to learn how to draw animals? If so, this instruction in 7 simple steps will help you learn to draw. For the curious, we have also prepared a guide on how to draw a ladybug, to which I invite you. I hope you will like my instructions and will refer to them often. You can draw a cute mouse to a pair with a kitty from the instructions on how to draw a mouse.

How to draw a cat – step by step

Drawing a cat is easier than you think. For this you only need a sheet of paper, a pencil and a few crayons to color it later.

Time needed: 10 minutes

If you’ve got it all ready, then you’re ready to go! Now you can go to our guide to become a little painter step by step.

  1. Draw an oval

    Start drawing a little higher than the center of the page. Draw an oval on a piece of paper. It will be the head of the cat. Make it more pointed so that it looks like a cat’s face.rysowanie kota krok 1

  2. Draw the ears of the kitten

    Above the oval, draw two triangles – the ears of the kitten. Make them more rounded at the top.jak narysować uszy kota

  3. How to draw a Cat Face

    In the center of the oval of the head, draw a black nose. From the nose, draw two extending arcs upwards, which will be the eyes. Then draw a line under the nose that bends into an anchor at the bottom. This will be the kitten’s mouth. jak narysować nos kota

  4. Drawing a cat’s head

    On both sides of the face, make three lines – the cat’s whiskers. Finish drawing the eyes. Remember that they are almond-shaped and the pupils are vertical lines.jak narysować głowę kota

  5. Draw the first part of the cat’s body

    Then draw two rounded lines from the head. Make the one on the right more arched, because this will be the back of the kitten.kotek rysunek

  6. Kitten’s paws

    On the left side, draw two rollers, which will be the front paws of the little fluffy. Immediately after the paws, make a C-shape – the back paw of the kitten. This kitty is sitting, so that many paws will be bent.rysujemy kotka

  7. Draw the cat’s tail

    Connect the “C” shape to the front paws with a dash. At the bottom of “C”, draw a semicircle. Then draw a line from the back to the heel in such a way as to create a tail shape.naucz się rysować ogon kota

  8. Dots on the face

    The kitten is practically ready, but if you want, you can add dots on its face right next to the mustache, because cats have it.nauka rysowania kota

  9. Kitten coloring book

    This is how you learned how to draw a cat in an easy way. If you’ve followed me step by step, your kitty sure looks as good as mine.narysowany kotek do kolorowania

  10. Color drawing of a cat

    If you want, you can color your kitten. If you want, you can follow my drawing. You can also use other colors.kotek kolorowanka