how to draw a dinosaur

How to draw a dinosaur – step by step

This post is an instruction on how to draw a dinosaur, specifically a diplodocus. It will be a drawing of a fairy-tale prehistoric reptile that walked the earth at the end of the Jurassic period. To do this drawing exercise, have a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, crayons, and an eraser ready. First, draw a fine line so that you can erase it with an eraser if you make a mistake. Finally, you can color your dinosaur with crayons to the color of your choice. And if you liked drawing enough that you would like to do something else, then I invite you to my other posts. Maybe you will try to learn to draw other dinosaurs as well? You can learn tyrannosaurus from the entry How to draw a tyrannosaur. You can also try to learn how to draw a dragon in How to draw a dragon or a simple turtle in How to draw a turtle.

Instructions on how to draw a dinosaur

We will draw a dinosaur step by step. Each next step is the next drawing. New lines are marked red for you. Thanks to this, you can easily see what has been added. It will also be easier for you to follow the next stages of drawing. Do not rush. You decide here how fast your work goes and when to move on to the next step. If you’ve got everything ready, we can start.

Time needed: 10 minutes

It’s time to act and learn how to draw a dinosaur. We begin.

  1. Drawing a dinosaur – step one

    Draw a fairly large circle in the center of the sheet. And at the top left, make a small circle.dinozaur rysunek

  2. Dinosaur neck and tail

    Now connect the smaller circle with the bigger one. On the right side of the larger circle, make a triangular tail.dinozaur diplodok rysunek

  3. How to draw a Dinosaur Face

    Draw the face of the dinosaur in the smaller circle. At the bottom, draw 4 vertical lines. These will be the diplodocus legs.rysowanie dinozaura

  4. Dinosaur drawing

    In this step, we finish drawing the diplodocus legs. Draw round claws on each of its paws. Also mark a line across the long neck all the way to the belly. Erase unnecessary lines.jak narysować dinozaura

  5. Drawing of a dinosaur to color

    This is how you learned how to draw a dinosaur. Now you can color your drawing.kolorowanka dinozaur

  6. Color your drawing

    The last step is coloring the drawing. I made my diplodocus green with brown spots, but you can color it any color you want. You are only limited by your imagination. Good luck and have a nice coloring.diplodok rysunek dinozaur

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