how to draw a fox

How to draw a fox – step by step

Would you like to know how to draw a fairy tale fox with a long fluffy coat? If so, then you are on the right side. In seven easy-to-follow steps, this simple instruction will show you how. You will be drawing with me at the same time. Drawing a fox has never been easier. So take a blank sheet of paper and something to draw – preferably a crayon or pencil. Always draw with something that can be erased in case something goes wrong. Then you can correct the finished drawing with a felt-tip pen or marker.

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How to draw a fox – instruction for children

What we draw at each step, I mark in red to make it easier for you to draw with me. If you are ready and everything is ready, let’s start!

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post you will learn how to draw a cute fox.

  1. First step

    At the top of the sheet on the left, draw a fox head in the shape of an elongated teardrop.jak narysować lisa instrukcja

  2. Drawing ears, nose and eyes

    Now it is the turn of the mouth. On both sides, from the top, draw two lines, where they meet, draw a round nose. Two arches on both sides will be stitches. And on the head make two triangular ears.rysowanie liska

  3. The torso of a fox

    Make one smaller triangle in the middle. Then draw the collar and body of the fox.narysuj mi liska

  4. Fox’s feet

    Draw two front paws and one rear paw. This fox is sitting sideways so the other hind leg cannot be seen.rysunek lisa

  5. Kitty fox – how to draw

    The final step will be to draw a thick, fluffy kitty, i.e. a fox’s tail. In the middle, make such a wave.lisek rysowanie

  6. Coloring book fox

    And please – all you need to do is erase the places where the lines intersect with the eraser and the coloring book is ready.lis kolorowanka

  7. Color the picture

    Now it’s time to color the picture. As you know, the fox is red, i.e. orange, and the face, the tip of the tail and the collar are white. Color the tips of the paws and the middle of the ears brown.kolorowy rysunek lisa