drawing hen

How to draw a hen? – step by step

If you want to see how to draw a hen then you are on the right page. I have a simple instruction for you in seven easy-to-follow steps to show you how. Just do what I do step by step and you’ll see that drawing a chanterelle has never been easier. For this exercise you will need a blank sheet of paper, something to draw – a crayon or pencil, and an eraser to erase the auxiliary lines. Always sketch simple shapes first, which you will enrich with details while drawing. Plus, drawing something that can be erased is good practice in case something goes wrong.

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How to draw a hen? – instruction

I always mark newly drawn elements in red to make it easier for you to draw with me. If you are ready, let’s start drawing!

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post, I will show you how to draw a hen.

  1. Draw basic shapes

    Draw the shapes of the hen very generally. Make a fairly large oval in the center of the sheet and two smaller ovals that come out of it.jak narysować kurę

  2. Draw a comb and a beak

    Now draw a chicken’s comb, beak and the outline of the wing.rysowanie kury

  3. We add more detail to the overall shapes

    We’re correcting the shapes to make them look more like a hen. On the tail we mark the feathers with dashes. We also draw the legs of the hen.jak narysować kurkę

  4. Hen torso

    Now you can erase the original shapes with the eraser. We also correct the lines that make up the body of the hen. Erase the oval with the eraser.kura rysowanie

  5. Draw the eye of the hen

    In this step, we draw a pretty crow’s eye and small details of a crow’s face.jak narysować kurę

  6. Hen feathers

    The time has come for a very important detail – chicken feathers. Where the neck meets the torso, make a hen’s zigzag collar. Also make a few feathers on the wing and tail.kura rysunek

  7. Hen coloring book

    And this way your chicken drawing is ready. You can take the crayons now and color it.kura kolorowanka dla dzieci

  8. A colorful hen

    I colored my hen brown. I used a darker color for the head, tail and wing feathers. You can color your hen a different color. Isn’t she pretty?kolorowa kura rysunek