how to draw a star

How to draw a star? – step by step

This is a simple step-by-step instruction on how to draw a star in the pictures. This way you will find out that the shape of the star is not so difficult to draw. I will show you an easy way to draw a cute star. If you like this manual and would like to learn how to draw other things as well, I invite you to the other posts How to draw a tree and How to draw a rose.

To start drawing, prepare a work area and supplies. So a clean sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser and good intentions. Start drawing with a gentle pencil sketch. If something goes wrong, you can always erase it with an eraser. When the sketch is finished and you are satisfied with the effect, you will be able to correct it with a felt-tip pen and crayons.

How to draw a star? – instruction

We begin our instruction on how to draw a star. Each subsequent drawing is the next step. And I mark each next step with red lines so that you do not get confused what and when to draw. If you have everything ready, let’s start.

Time needed: 5 minutes

In this post, you will learn how to draw a star.

  1. How to draw a star – step one

    In the center of the sheet of paper, draw two lines that join together at the top. Such a sharp bow.jak narysować gwiazdę

  2. Step two – dash

    Draw a dash from the bottom right towards the top left corner.gwiazda rysowanie

  3. A horizontal line

    Next, draw a horizontal line that intersects all existing star shape.jak narysować gwiazdkę

  4. Close the shape

    Connect both lines with a diagonal line, completing the shape of your star. And this is how you found out how to draw a star.jak narysować gwiazdę

  5. Star coloring book

    Erase unnecessary shapes. Take the eraser and erase the lines in the center of the star so that only the outline remains.gwiazda kolorowanka

  6. Color the drawing of the star

    Take a yellow crayon and color your drawing. You can make more stars and color the background a dark color to create a starry sky.gwiazda rysunek kolorowy