how to draw a tree

How to draw a tree? – step by step

In this post, I’ll show you how to draw a tree. It will be a simple step-by-step instruction in pictures. If you are concerned that drawing things like trees is too difficult, I invite you to follow my instructions. Because this exercise is so easy that even preschoolers can do it. Find out that by following my instructions step by step you will learn how to draw a tree in no time. And if you like drawing and you want to try to draw something else, then I invite you to my other posts How to draw a butterfly and How to draw a star.

Take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and crayons. First, draw a fine sketch with a pencil so that in case of a mistake it can be easily erased and corrected.

How to draw a tree? – instruction for children

Draw with me step by step. I will mark each newly drawn element in red. If you have everything ready and you are ready, we start our drawing together.

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post, you will learn how to draw a tree.

  1. First step.

    Draw two vertical lines at the bottom of the sheet in the center.instrukcja rysowania drzewa

  2. How to draw a tree – branches

    Now we will start drawing the branches of our tree. Make a forked branch on the left side.jak narysować drzewo

  3. We draw more branches

    Now add more branches to the tree.rysowanie drzewa

  4. Draw some more branches

    So that the tree does not look withered, we add a few more small branches to it.jak narysować drzewo

  5. The last branches, I promise 🙂

    Try to make your drawing of the tree so that each of the larger, thicker branches has several smaller and thinner branches. This will make the tree look more realistic.drzewo rysunek

  6. Tree leaves

    Make an irregular border around the branches. We will use this to mark the crown of leaves on the tree.jak narysować drzewo

  7. Tree coloring book

    And this is how you learned how to draw a tree. Admit it looks impressive, and it wasn’t that hard at all.drzewo kolorowanka

  8. Color your picture

    Now it is time to color my work. So take your crayons and color the tree. I made him green leaves, but you can make them colorful. It will then be a tree for fall. Here you are only limited by your imagination. Good luck!rysunek kolorowe drzewo