how to draw an easter chicken

How to draw a chicken – Easter – step by step?

Instructions for kids – how to draw a chicken is a simple Easter drawing for little ones. Next to a lamb and a rabbit, the chicken is one of the most popular symbols of Easter. The chicken is cute, yellow and round, so you can easily draw it from small circles. And after you finish drawing, take the crayons and color the finished drawing. You can also see how to draw an Easter rabbit and post How to draw a lamb to make a whole set of drawings for Easter.

Easter chick – instruction on how to draw it

Chicken Painting Instructions is a simple way to learn drawing for kids. Each drawing is the next step, and I will mark all newly drawn things in red so that you can see exactly what has been drawn. This way you will quickly learn how to draw a chicken and you will be able to show off your drawing at school or kindergarten.

To start drawing you will need some accessories – a pencil, an eraser, colored pencils and a blank sheet of paper. Prepare it so that you have everything at hand. If you are ready, you can start drawing.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw a chicken – drawing for Easter

  1. Drawing a chicken from circles

    Draw two circles in the center of the sheet. Make the above circle smaller, and make the circle larger below.jak narysować kurczaka z kółek

  2. Draw eyes, a wing and a tail

    Make stitches in the upper circle, i.e. the head, and a horizontal line between them. Make a wing and a pointed tail in the lower circle.kurczak jak namalować

  3. How to paint a chicken nipple

    Make two triangles from the horizontal line – one going down and the other going up. This will be the chicken nipple. Make a small comb on top of his head. Draw also the paws from the lines.kurczaczek wielkanocny rysunek

  4. How to draw a chicken – step 4

    The chicken is ready, but we will also make the eggshells from which it hatched. Make a half-circle shape on each side.pisklaczek wielkanocny rysunek

  5. Easter chick with an Easter egg

    Draw a zigzag at the top of each half. You can make chickens round cheeks and eyebrows.jak narysować kurczaczka instrukcja

  6. Pattern on an Easter egg

    Now all you have to do is paint a nice pattern on each of the halves of the egg shell. You can follow mine.kurczaczek z pisanką wielkanoc

  7. Easter chicken – coloring book

    The chicken drawing is now ready. Now take the crayons and color the picture.kurczak wielkanocny malowanka

  8. A colorful picture of an Easter chicken

    Make an Easter egg in the colors you want. Paint the chicken yellow. Make the spout and comb red.rysunek na wielkanoc kurczaczek