how to draw a goldfish

How to draw a fish – step by step

The instructions on how to draw a fish will teach you how to draw a pretty goldfish in a simple way. It will be a step by step tutorial where each step is a new picture of a fish. I will show you how to easily draw a pretty fish using simple shapes. Such a drawing will be useful during classes at school, kindergarten or in general as a drawing exercise. You can also use other simple step-by-step instructions – for example, how to draw a dog or how to draw a cat. And if you prefer coloring pages, I also have a set of cool drawings with sea animals and mermaids – Mermaid Coloring Pages.

How to draw a goldfish?

This drawing exercise will teach you to draw a fish, specifically a veil also known as a goldfish. It is a very popular fish which, according to the fairy tale, can fulfill your three wishes. Who wouldn’t like to have such a fish? Now you can draw it yourself. To do this exercise, you will need: a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and crayons or paints. If you’ve got everything ready, let’s get started.

How to draw a fish – instruction

Time needed: 5 minutes

  1. Draw an oblong circle.

    At the beginning, in the middle, closer to the left edge of the paper, draw an elongated circle.jak narysować rybę

  2. How to draw a fish from a circle

    Now draw the shape of a fish inside the circle. On the right side, draw two bows – the tail of the fish.jak narysować rybę instrukcja dla dzieci

  3. Fish – a simple drawing

    Mark a vertical arc where the head ends and the body begins. Then draw the fins and complete the shape of the tail.ryba prosty rysunek krok po kroku

  4. How to draw a fish the easy way

    Now it is the eye, mouth and scales’ turn. To mark the scales of the fish, you just need to make a few small arcs on its back. It is enough.obrazek złotej rybki

  5. How to draw a fish – fins

    Then draw the fish a few long lines in its tail and fins. Finally, make a few bubbles against her mouth.jak zrobić rysunek ryby

  6. Fish coloring book

    Your drawing of the fish is now ready. I hope you turned out like mine and you are happy with it. If you need to correct something, use an eraser.ryba kolorowanka

  7. Color the picture of the fish

    Now take paints, felt-tip pens or crayons and color your drawing as you like. I wish you fruitful work.złota rybka rysunek

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