how to draw spiring lady

How to draw a lady spring – step by step?

In this post, we will learn together how to draw a lady spring. It is a simple instruction, suitable for school and pre-school children. Spring drawing will definitely be useful for art classes. A spring drawing must have lots of colorful flowers, so if you don’t feel up to starting drawing with the lady of spring, try drawing spring flowers in a vase. Although my drawing instruction should not be too difficult for you. We’re going to be making simple shapes that, when combined, make a nice drawing of spring.

How to draw a lady spring?

Lady Spring is a beautiful woman in a colorful dress with floral patterns. Ours will also have a spring wreath on her head, and colorful butterflies will fly nearby. So prepare yourself a lot of beautiful colored crayons with which we will color the picture at the end. At the beginning, however, I advise you to start drawing with a pencil sketch. As soon as you make a mistake, it will be easier to erase.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Simple spring lady drawing – step by step drawing instruction for kids

  1. Drawing a head

    Draw the shape of a chalice in the center of the sheet. This will be the head of the lady of spring.pani wiosna jak narysować

  2. Spring drawing – second step

    Make two circles on both sides of the neck. At the top, make a hairline and ear.wiosenna panna rysunek dla dzieci

  3. Draw hands

    Make lines leading upwards from the two circles – these will be the hands of the lady of spring.jak namalować panią wiosnę

  4. How to draw hair

    Finish drawing the hands. Underneath, highlight the wavy hair of the spring lady.pani wiosna ćwiczenie rysunkowe dla dzieci

  5. How to draw spring – dress

    Now we will draw a spring dress. From the torso, pull two diverging lines. End with a wavy line. Then make a spring smile, nose and eyes.jak narysować wiosnę

  6. How to draw a garland?

    Make a few circles on your head. Also mark a pair and arcs of circles on the dress. We’ll turn all these shapes into beautiful spring flowers later.rysunek pani wiosny

  7. Spring drawing is almost finished

    Make petals for all the circles. Make zigzags at the top of the bows. Thanks to this, you can make nice tulips out of them.kwiatki na sukience

  8. Lady spring coloring book

    Your drawing of the lady of spring is finished. If you want to draw a butterfly on each side.kolorowanka pani wiosny dla dzieci

  9. Colorful drawing of a spring lady

    Now take the crayons and color your drawing.kolorowy rysunek pani wiosny