how to draw snowflakes

How to draw a snowflake? – step by step

In this post, you will learn how to draw a snowflake. And not one thing, because, as you know, each snowflake is unique. That is why I have prepared for you a set of four simple snowflakes that you can use to draw winter scenery. If you would like to make a drawing of a Christmas tree, I also invite you to the post How to draw a Christmas tree. Then you will be able to draw beautiful snowflakes around the Christmas tree. You can also draw a drawing of Santa Claus or a snowman for the holiday set. For instructions on how to do it, see How to draw Santa Claus and How to draw a snowman.
To draw a nice snowflake you will need a sheet of paper, a blue crayon and a rubber eraser to be able to erase if something goes wrong.

How to draw snow on a white sheet?

The eternal problem of how to draw something that is white on a white sheet? As a rule, we used to mark the contours of snow with a blue or black line. I suggest you do the same when drawing snowflakes. As usual, I will show each step by marking the newly drawn lines with red color. First you can practice and then once you know how to draw snowflake you can use these skills in various drawings. If you really want your snow to be white, you can use a colored card – blue, black or navy blue. Then the lines drawn with a white crayon will be visible.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Get the necessary utensils. If you are ready, we can start learning how to draw a snowflake. First, two simple ways to make a snowflake.

  1. How to draw snowflakes – method one

    Na kartce papieru narysuj dwie pionowe kreski. Przeznaczenie każdej z tych linii narysuj coś na kształt X. Póki co kształtują się tak samo.jak narysować śnieżynkę

  2. We draw details

    On the left side of the snowman, draw a V shape on each arm. For the second snowstorm, also make a V shape. Additionally, a circle at the ends.jak narysować śnieg

  3. Snowflakes ready!

    śnieżynka jak narysować

  4. How to draw snowflakes – second way

    On the piece of paper next to you, draw a cross on the left and a vertical line cut with the shape X on the right.jak narysować płatki śniegu

  5. The next stage of drawing snowflakes

    Add an X to the shape on the left and make a small circle in the center of the shape on the right.płatek śniegu rysowanie

  6. Snowflake details

    The snowflake on the left will have V-shaped shapes at the ends of its arms. In turn, the snowflake on the right side of the V-shape will be located closer to the center, right next to the circle.ćwiczenia rysunkowe dla dzieci śnieg

  7. Final details of the snowflakes

    To the snowflake on the left, draw a brimstone shape between each of the snowflake’s two arms. And it’s ready. On the right snowflake, draw a second, smaller V on each of the arms.rysowanie śnieżynek

  8. Snowflakes step by step

    Ready-made snowflakes will surely be a great decoration for your winter drawings. So get to work.płatki śniegu zestaw rysunek