how to draw a squirrel

How to draw a squirrel? – step by step

Here is a picture tutorial for kids who want to learn how to draw a squirrel. If you have already drawn other forest creatures with me, you know that I will show you a really simple way to do it. If this is your first drawing with me, I invite you to read more How to draw a frog and How to draw a fox.

Prepare a workplace and supplies in advance. Take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and crayons. It’s a good idea to draw a fine sketch with a pencil first, so if you make a mistake you can easily erase it and correct it.

How to draw a squirrel? – instruction for children

This is a step by step instruction on how to draw a squirrel. In each subsequent step I will mark all the parts drawn in red. If you’ve got everything ready, let’s get started!

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this walkthrough, you will learn how to draw a cute little squirrel.

  1. First step

    In the center of the sheet of paper, draw two almond ovals – one larger and one quite small in the center of the larger one. It will be the squirrel’s head and eye.instrukcja obrazkowa dla dzieci

  2. Lugs and nose piece

    On the left side, draw a slightly triangular nose, and on the top right side, two ears. Make one more circle in the smaller circle.jak narysować wiewiórkę

  3. The squirrel’s belly

    Draw the squirrel’s body with a sweeping motion. Make the belly about twice the size of the squirrel’s head.rysowanie wiewiórki

  4. Draw the squirrel’s feet

    Make a roll in the middle of the tummy, which will be the front paw. In turn, at the bottom, draw two rear squirrel feet.instrukcja jak narysować wiewiórkę

  5. Draw an acorn to the squirrel

    What kind of squirrel would it be without its recognizable mark? Therefore, in the front paw, draw an acorn for the squirrel.jak narysować wiewiórkę

  6. Squirrel tail

    Now it’s time for the squirrel to draw her fluffy tail. Also mark a line going from the nose to the very end of the tummy. Because it will be a brighter place.rysowanie wiewiórki instrukcja dla dzieci

  7. Squirrel coloring book

    And this is how you managed to draw a beautiful drawing of a squirrel. You can be proud of yourself and show off everything.wiewiórka kolorowanka dla dzieci

  8. Color your drawing

    Now that you know how to draw a squirrel, you can color your drawing. So take your crayons and go!rysunek wiewiórki dla dzieci