how to draw tulips

How to draw tulips – step by step?

Tutorial on how to draw tulips is an instruction for preschool and school children. Tulips are delicate spring flowers of various colors. They have characteristic large petals arranged in the shape of a chalice. We already know what a tulip looks like and now we will find out how to draw it easily. I tried to keep my instruction clear, transparent and uncomplicated. Thanks to it, you will make a nice, spring flower drawing for art or kindergarten classes. If you would like to learn how to draw other flowers, I recommend you check out my previous posts – How to draw flowers in a vase and How to draw a daffodil.

Tulip drawing – how to make?

A drawing of tulips will be a nice decoration for a card for mothers or women’s day. Contrary to appearances, these are not difficult flowers to draw. In my manual, I simplified them even more to basic shapes, so they will be a great drawing exercise at the beginning of learning. Even a child of several years can cope with this challenge. The most important thing in this challenge is willingness.

How to draw a tulip – instruction

To start drawing, have all the necessary materials ready. Take a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and colored pencils. If you want, you can also use marker pens, but I would advise you to start with a gentle pencil sketch first, which you can then erase with an eraser.

Time needed: 10 minutes

If you have everything ready at hand, we can begin our drawing exercise.

  1. How to draw tulips – step one

    Draw two ovals in the center of the sheet – one smaller and one larger.jak się rysuje tulipany

  2. Tulip – petals

    Make longitudinal arcs in the center of the oval. It will be tulip petals.jak narysować proste tulipany

  3. How to draw Tulips – Stems

    Draw two lines from each oval – we will make flower stalks from it. Then erase any unnecessary lines.jak namalować tulipany

  4. How to draw flower leaves

    Make a few S-shaped lines, connect them together at the ends. These simple shapes will turn into tulip leaves.rysunek tulipanów dla dzieci

  5. Tulips coloring book

    The drawing of tulips is ready. You can make a template out of it or color it.tulipany kolorowanka

  6. Color the drawing

    Take the crayons and color your drawing. If you want, you can follow my drawing or use other colors.kolorowy rysunek tulipanów