how to draw a tyrannosaurus

How to draw a tyrannosaurus step by step

In this post, I will show you how to draw a tyrannosaur. There was already an instruction How to draw a dinosaur teaching how to draw a simple diplodocus. But my guess is that dinosaur fans will also want to learn to sketch other prehistoric reptiles as well. Tyrannosaurus was the undisputed king of dinosaurs in the Cretaceous era. It had a large head with large teeth, large paws and a tail, and relatively small, short front paws.

Tyrannosaurus – how to draw?

Tyrannosaurus is so characteristic that everyone knows what this dinosaur looked like. Now we will learn how to draw a tyrannosaur. Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult. All you need is a little willingness and of course this step-by-step drawing instruction for Tyrannosaurus Rex. So get yourself a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser and colored pencils. If you have everything ready, we can start the work.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to draw a tyrannosaurus step by step

  1. Drawing tyrannosaurus

    First, draw two circles – one smaller higher and one larger lower.tyranozaur z kółek

  2. Tyrannosaurus outline shape

    Based on the wheels, shape the tyrannosaur’s head, torso, and tail. Make him an open mouth.jak narysować trexa

  3. Draw the legs of the tyrannosaurus

    Erase the circles and draw two legs on which a tyrannosaurus stands. Then draw him an eye, a nostril, and a mucosa.tyranozaur jak narysować

  4. How to draw a tyrannosaurus step four

    Now it was the turn of the front feet and claws of the legs. Remember that Tyrannosaurus Rex had very small hands with two fingers.jak namalować tyranozaura

  5. Tyrannosaurus teeth

    Then give him a lot of teeth in the mouth. Also, make a few strokes on the tail and body to mark the skin.rysunek tyranozaura prosty

  6. Tyrannosaurus coloring book

    The Tyrannosaurus Rex drawing is now ready – you can color it nicely now. You will admit that it was not such a difficult task.tyranozaur do kolorowania

  7. A colorful drawing of a turanosaurus

    It is true that no one really knows what color the dinosaurs were. It was assumed that they had greenish colors like most modern reptiles. However, nothing prevents you from coloring your tyrannosaurus in the colors you choose. Let your imagination run wild and make a colorful tyrannosaurus or follow my drawing.kolorowy tyranozaur rysunek dla dzieci

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