cute cats coloring pages

Cats Coloring Pages – Printable

Cute, various drawings of cats – print and paint. Such cat coloring pages are a real treat for everyone who loves cats. The drawings will be perfect for art classes at school and kindergarten. You can create cutouts, pastes and collages with cats. Good exercise for cat’s day plastic surgery. Such drawings can be successfully colored with paints or felt-tip pens. Kids can also easily try to trace the shape of such a drawing of a kitten. After printing, cat coloring pages can also be used as a template to cut out and decorate. Cat garland – why not? A cool thing when it comes to decorating a room in a kindergarten or a school day-room. You only need to print, cut out the drawing and trace the shapes on colored paper. This wall decoration will surely please many cat lovers.

Coloring pages cats, printable – for kids

The first set of cat coloring pages are simple drawings that I made for the youngest. Simple and uncomplicated shapes allow children to color and cut kittens without any problems. If you would like to try to draw a simple kitten yourself, I invite you to the post How to draw a cat, where I show you everything step by step. Meanwhile, you can choose from among the cat coloring pages and color whatever you want.

Cats coloring pages – for adults

Below, I have prepared realistic drawings of cats. They will work well as coloring pages for adults and older children who are a little more skilled in coloring and not going beyond the lines. These cat drawings have definitely more details.