how to draw a penguin

How to draw a penguin – step by step

Simple instruction on how to draw a penguin is a fun drawing exercise for kids and adults. Thanks to the step by step drawings, you can make a penguin drawing quickly and easily. A picture just in time for winter holidays, during which it is worth practicing your hobby which is drawing. If you are just starting your adventure with drawing, a penguin will be the perfect starting point. Over time, you can move on to more complicated drawings and learn How to draw a lion.

Penguin drawing – instruction

A penguin is a bird that does not fly, but it swims and dives very well. Penguins live in the far south of Antarctica where it is very cold. Their thick feathers covering the entire body are tight and waterproof, which means that penguins do not freeze even in the most extreme weather conditions. The shape resembles black and white bowling penguins. On land, they move awkwardly and slowly. It’s all because of short legs. However, as soon as they enter the water, they feel like fish in the water. They are excellent divers, and their streamlined bowling shape makes them very fast and agile underwater.

The penguin is black and white, but have other crayons as well – yellow and orange to color the spout and feet. Start drawing with a pencil sketch, and use a rubber eraser if you make a mistake. If you already have all the necessary utensils ready, you can proceed to the instructions.

How to draw a penguin

Time needed: 5 minutes

Draw a penguin step by step

  1. Draw a small circle in the center of the sheet and another, larger oval underneath.

    draw penguin step by step

  2. How to draw a Penguin

    Now connect both circles with two lines. Then draw the wings and mark the legs of the penguin.drawing penguin step by step

  3. Penguin – drawing

    Draw the eyes, beak and fins for the penguin.simple drawing a penguin

  4. Drawing a penguin step 4

    The penguin picture is almost finished. You only need to mark with a line where his black tailcoat to draw a penguin

  5. Penguin coloring book

    The drawing of the penguin is now finished. If you want, you can correct its contours with a black felt-tip pen.penguin to color

  6. Colorful drawing penguin

    It is true that the penguin is not very colorful, but it does have some colors. Color his tailcoat and head black. Then take an orange crayon and paint your feet and beak orange. You can also add some yellow-orange to it on the belly and neck.colored drawing of a penguin