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Teddy bear coloring book – drawings of teddy bears for printing

Teddy bear is a very popular coloring book for children. A teddy bear is the most popular cuddly toy for children. No wonder that this beloved toy has lived to see its holiday. November 25 is the day of the teddy bear. On this occasion, I have prepared a set of different teddy bear drawings for coloring.

Where did the idea for a little bear cub become a lovely childhood companion come from? As the story goes, US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot the animals that his assistants captured for him during a bear hunt. He decided that it would be very unsportsmanlike behavior to shoot a captured, defenseless animal in such a way. The news of this event spread like wildfire in the press. Many drawings have been made of the American president in the company of a cute bear cub. The public opinion liked Rossevelt’s gesture so much that it was decided to honor him with a mascot and name it in his honor. And this is how a teddy bear named Teddy or Theodore was created. In English to this day, teddy bears are simply called Teddy Bear, or Teddy.

Teddy bear – a simple coloring book

The first set consists of simple drawings of teddy bears. Such pictures will work as coloring pages for the youngest children. Already three-year-old preschoolers should deal with them well. Drawings can also be used as templates to cut out. Just print and cut the picture.

Cute teddy bears – coloring pages for kids

W tym zestawie z kolei umieściłam słodkie rysunki misiów. Nie zabraknie tu uroczych rysunków pluszaków w za dużych czapeczkach czy ze śliczną kokardką. Jest też miś z serduszkiem na walentynki.

Drawings for the day of the teddy bear – tasks for children

Of course, a teddy bear is not only a coloring book on the occasion of Teddy’s Day. I have also prepared simple tasks, cutouts and graphomotor exercises for children. You can print the tasks and use them in art classes at school and kindergarten. You can also make a simple drawing of a teddy bear yourself thanks to the step-by-step instructions How to draw a teddy bear.