how to draw a reindeer step by step

How to draw a reindeer – step by step

I have prepared a simple instruction on how to draw a reindeer. It is a step-by-step drawing instruction for the little ones who want to learn how to draw simple pictures for the holidays. For the set, you can also try to make a drawing of Santa from my other How to Draw Santa instructions. Reindeer and Santa Claus are inseparable companions. Of course, the most famous reindeer in the harness is the red-nosed reindeer named Rudolf. If you want your reindeer you can also make a red nose.

Drawing a reindeer – instruction in pictures

The reindeer is an animal similar to a deer or a moose. It has horns and four legs. It is not the easiest animal to draw, but thanks to my instructions, I think everyone can make a nice drawing of a reindeer for Christmas. We’ll start by drawing simple, basic shapes and then move on to the details. Have a piece of paper and a pencil ready to start the exercise. It is also good to have an eraser – in case of any mistakes. Finally, you can correct the finished drawing with a felt-tip pen and color it with crayons or paint it with paints. If you have everything ready, we can start.

Time needed: 10 minutes

A step-by-step instruction on how to draw a reindeer

  1. Reindeer from circles

    First, draw three circles on a piece of paper. At the top, the smallest, and below, two larger ones – one large and the other medium.easy reindeer drawing

  2. Step by step drawing of a reindeer

    Now connect the wheels together as I to draw a reindeer step by step

  3. How to draw reindeer horns

    You can erase the center of the circles. Draw beautiful antlers on the head. Also start drawing the legs.step by step drawing of reindeer

  4. How to draw a reindeer

    In this step, complete drawing the reindeer legs. To add dynamics, let’s make his front leg raised and bent at the knee. Remember to finish each leg with a hoof. Finally, draw a small tail for the to draw reindeer step by step

  5. Santa’s reindeer – step by step drawing

    Draw a nice eye, face and nose for the reindeer. Make a belt around the neck – it will be a characteristic harness with bells made of Santa Claus.santas reindeer drawing

  6. Reindeer with bells

    There is really little left to finish our reindeer drawing. Draw circles on the harness – these will be reindeer to draw santa's reindeer

  7. Coloring book reindeer

    Well done, the drawing of the reindeer is ready. You can now take crayons, felt-tip pens or paints and color your to draw a reindeer step by step

  8. Colorful drawing of a reindeer

    My finished drawing looks like this. I gave my reindeer a red nose. Just like Rudolf. What does yours look like? Hope you are satisfied with your drawing.reindeer drawing

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