fruits coloring pages

Fruits coloring pages – for kids – printable

Fruits coloring pages are simple drawings of the most famous fruits for coloring. Pictures are perfect for lessons at school or for classes in kindergarten. Drawings can also be used as cutting templates. You can also make interesting decorations for the hall. The set could not be complete without apple, pear and banana – fruit known and liked by kids. There are also drawings of grapes, watermelons and lemons.

At the beginning I made a set of fruit illustrations with simple shapes. You can use these drawings for tear-outs or plasticine stickers. They also work well as coloring pages for the youngest children. Large fruit drawings with simple shapes are easy to color and cut. Simple drawings of popular fruits are interesting coloring pages for the youngest children. You can also use them in the form of templates for cutting out – here the only limit is your imagination, because there are many uses for these drawings.

Drawings with fruit for children

Coloring fruits are also a great thing when it comes to learning the basics of healthy eating for children. In this set, I tried to include pictures of healthy fruit dishes. Thanks to such education through play, children will learn that fruit is not only tasty but also healthy and is a better alternative when it comes to a snack or dessert than sweets. In addition, fruit contains a lot of vitamins that we need to be healthy. In addition, they look fantastic – they have various shapes and colors. Such a fruit salad on a plate looks like a beautiful colorful rainbow.

Fruits – simple coloring pages about healthy eating

Healthy eating is the basis to be able to enjoy the full strength of your body for many years. We are what we eat – there is a lot of truth in that. Therefore, educating the youngest in this topic is very important. Pictures of popular fruit will certainly be helpful in this learning. Children will learn healthy eating habits through play and maybe the next time they will ask for a healthy snack instead of chocolates?

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