mermaids coloring pages

Coloring mermaids

Coloring pages of mermaids and the underwater world is a set created especially for all lovers of marine climates. Mermaids are underwater virgins – half-fish, half-humans. They are the legendary creatures that sailors have told us about. Nobody really knows if they really exist.

Real or not – they are delightful anyway. It is known that they are beautiful, they live in seas and oceans and they sing wonderfully. Little children love to color drawings with mermaids, so for them, and not only, I have prepared this set of drawings called mermaid coloring pages. Here you will find fairy-tale drawings of mermaids as well as realistic representations of underwater maids. I tried to make it possible for everyone, regardless of age, to print and color their chosen drawing with a mermaid. There are drawings with very simple shapes suitable for the youngest fans of mermaids and more complicated pictures with more details.

Mermaid Coloring Pages – Warsaw Mermaid

Legenda o warszawskiej syrence jest wciąż żywa i opowiadana kolejnym pokoleniom dzieci w Polsce. To historia powstania grodu Warszawy, który według legendy miał powstać po spotkaniu chłopaka imieniem Wars z syreną o imieniu Sawa. Piękna opowieść ich miłości, która dała początek naszej stolicy. Na pamiątkę w Warszawie stoi pomnik syrenki Sawy, a sam jej wizerunek uwieczniony został na herbie naszej stolicy.

Below, of course, I have prepared a set of various coloring pages with the legendary Warsaw mermaid who holds a shield in her left hand and a sword in her right.

Sea coloring pages

The sea depths hide many secrets. Various sea creatures live in their depths. I prepared illustrations with fish and dolphins. You can also make such drawings yourself. We learn the dolphin from the instructions How to draw a dolphin and a goldfish in the entry How to draw a fish.