dragons coloring pages

Coloring dragons

Coloring pages of dragons and all kinds of mythical creatures. Drawings are of various difficulty – from the simplest to the more and more complicated ones. All this so that everyone can find something for themselves. Simple-shaped dragons are coloring pages for the youngest. A child can easily draw one of these dragons by himself – just look at my instruction in the pictures how to draw a dragon.

Simple dragon coloring pages for kids

The list of coloring pages opens with easy drawings with dragons for the youngest. Nice dragons from fairy tales are a ready recipe for a fun afternoon with your child. The coloring pages are ready to print. It is enough to take colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints and color the drawings as you like.

Wawel dragon coloring book

The most famous dragon in Poland is the legendary Wawel dragon. Therefore, this compilation could not be complete without the drawings of the dragon from the city of Krak. According to legend, a large, voracious reptile was to live in a cave near Wawel and terrorize the inhabitants of Krakow. Thanks to the clever shoemaker Dratewka, who outsmarted the dragon, the people of Krakow freed themselves from the terrible monster. Every child has probably heard of a sheep stuffed with dust that a voracious dragon devoured. After such a spicy snack, the dragon wanted to drink terribly. So he started drinking water from the Vistula River. He drank so much of it that it burst and the city of Krak freed itself from the terrible dragon.

Currently, at the gates of the grotto under the Wawel Castle, we can see a sculpture of a dragon by Bronisław Chromy, which breathes real fire every quarter of an hour. The 600 m large bronze reptile is a real treat for visitors. The dragon coloring pages of course also contain a coloring drawing of a famous sculpture.