how to draw a mouse

How to draw a mouse – step by step

How to draw a mouse is a simple instruction for children and more. Learning to draw has never been easier! Follow the directions to make a nice drawing of the mouse step by step. It will be a picture of a fairy-tale mouse for the youngest, so you can use it for classes at school or kindergarten. You will need a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser and crayons to complete the drawing. If, after finishing drawing, you want to add a kitten to the collection, I invite you to the instructions on how to draw a cat.

Mouse drawing – how to make

The mouse is a small rodent that lives in a house or in a field. It has large ears, protruding teeth and a petiole. Our mouse will be a nice creature with a smile on his lips. You are probably looking forward to drawing. So without extending it, we begin.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw a mouse – instruction

  1. Draw three circles

    We will start drawing the mouse from its head. Draw three circles at the top of the sheet – the middle one is larger and two circles are smaller on both sides. Let the smaller ones touch the bigger one.mysz jak namalować

  2. How to draw a mouse – step two

    Then, in a large circle, draw two dots and extend the circle with an oval. Draw one more oval in the middle – this will be the mouse’s nose.jak narysować mysz

  3. Drawing a mouse step by step

    Draw one more circle on the head, and draw two lines from the mouse’s head. Draw a circle at the end of the line.rysunek myszy dla dzieci

  4. Draw a mouse – instruction

    On the left side, lead the tail and then draw the two hind feet of the mouse.instrukcja jak narysować mysz

  5. How to draw a mustache to a mouse

    Now you can erase some lines in the middle. We still have to draw three whiskers on each side of the mouse’s mouth and two front paws. Finally, draw a few lines on each foot, marking the claws. You can also make dots on the face near the mustache.jak zrobić rysunek myszy

  6. Mouse coloring book

    The drawing of the mouse is now ready. A pretty cool, nice mouse was created.jak narysować mysz

  7. A colorful picture of a mouse

    Now take the crayons and color your picture. I made my mouse gray with a pink nose and ears, but you can color your drawing in any colors you want. I hope you will be satisfied with the results of your work.kolorowy rysunek myszy