autumn coloring pages

Autumn coloring pages

Autumn coloring pages to be used during classes at school and kindergarten. There is something for everyone in the list. The list includes autumn coloring pages with children. Drawings that show how people behave during the season, what they wear.

Autumn children’s drawings for coloring

Fall is the time of year when leaves fall from trees and it often rains. It’s getting colder and the days are getting shorter. Which, of course, does not prevent kids from playing in the fall. Children like to pick chestnuts, toss piles of colorful leaves or wading in puddles. That is why I have specially prepared a few drawings of children during autumn games outside.

Autumn in the forest – drawings for coloring

Printable autumn leaves – templates

Of course, autumn is associated with beautiful, colorful leaves. Therefore, the set of coloring pages for fall could not miss beautiful leaves that can be printed and colored. They will be a beautiful decoration in the hall and at home. There are different kinds of leaves that color themselves into different colors and fall to the ground, creating beautiful carpets of leaves. At the same time, children can learn what the leaves of individual trees in Poland look like. The set includes the most popular autumn leaf templates, such as beech, rowan, chestnut and maple leaves.

Mushroom template – autumn drawings

Fall is the time when it’s mushroom season. Therefore, the next set of autumn drawings is mushrooms divided into edible and inedible. Thanks to these drawings, children will get to know the most popular species of mushrooms from Polish forests. Such autumn coloring pages are a great idea for activities on the occasion of the autumn day. Unfortunately, you have to be careful with mushrooms, because not all species are edible. Some are very harmful and poisonous and eating them can even lead to death. That is why it is so important to go mushroom picking with someone who knows about them or to have a mushroom atlas with you. Below I have prepared a list of mushrooms that are known and edible.

Edible mushrooms – coloring pages for children

Poisonous mushrooms – autumn coloring pages

Autumn printable coloring pages – animals

If the weather is favorable, go on a trip to a nearby park or forest. This is the perfect time of the year for such excursions. The trees turn colorful, creating magical carpets of leaves under your feet. You can then meet forest animals preparing for winter sleep. That is why in this set of autumn coloring pages I have prepared drawings of forest animals for you. Among other things, there is a drawing of a hedgehog. If you would like to learn how to draw such a hedgehog, click on the instructions on how to draw a hedgehog.

Autumn Work Cards – Printable

The time of returning to school and kindergarten is inherently associated with autumn. That is why, in the set of autumn coloring pages, I have also prepared exercises for children – cutouts and puzzles related to autumn.