how to draw lips

How to draw lips? – step by step

Drawing body parts is often a challenge for young cartoonists. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated, as there are simple ways to draw difficult things. That’s why I decided to help you learn and I have prepared this simple instruction on how to draw lips. If you would like to learn to draw, just follow the red lines in each step and you will sketch your lips. On the other hand, if you would like to learn how to draw an eye, I invite you to the post How to draw an eye. See also How to draw a nose.

Have a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser ready. We will draw from general to detail, so we will be erasing the auxiliary lines in the end. To start, press the “Read more” button.

How to draw lips? – instruction

If you have your utensils ready, it’s a sign that you are ready to start. So go to the instructions.

Time needed: 5 minutes

In this post you will learn how to draw lips.

  1. Draw a horizontal line.

    It couldn’t be easier, because we start drawing with a simple line. Make it in the center of the page. Just pull along the horizontal line.jak narysować usta instrukcja

  2. How to draw lips – the easy way

    Step two is also a simple matter. At the bottom and top of the line, draw two arcs. do not press the pencil too hard, as we will erase these lines afterwards. Make this top arch a little flatter.rysowanie ust krok po kroku

  3. Lips drawing – shape

    TAs I said, now we are going to correct the shape of the lips. On the upper arch, make two mounds that are only to protrude slightly beyond the auxiliary line. Try to narrow the lower arch slightly at the sides.rysunek ust jak zrobić

  4. The middle line of the mouth

    If you look at your mouth in the mirror, you’ll notice that no one has a perfect straight line from the upper lip to the lower lip. Try to make a wavy shape similar to the one I drew.rysunek ust łatwy

  5. Lips drawing – structure

    You’ve also probably noticed that no one has perfectly smooth lips. Since the lips have their own texture and grooves, mark them with vertical light arcs.usta krok po kroku instrukcja

  6. Lips coloring book

    If you are satisfied with the effect, your lip drawing is ready to be colored. We managed to conjure up beautiful lips from simple shapes. It wasn’t that hard, isn’t it?kolorowanka usta

  7. Color your mouth drawing

    Now take colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints – whatever you want and color your drawing of the lips. Color the middle of the lower lip with a lighter color to give it depth.usta kolorowy rysunek