how to draw a pumpkin halloween

How To Draw Pumpkins For Halloween – Step By Step?

October is the time we celebrate Halloween. And it cannot be celebrated without a pumpkin. Therefore, in this post, I will show you how to draw a pumpkin for Halloween. This beautiful, colorful celebration was first a privilege of the people of the western part of the world, but now Halloween is becoming a truly global entertainment. So don’t wait and make your own Halloween decorations this year. One of the special parts of Halloween is carving a pumpkin. In this drawing lesson, you can draw a pumpkin with a face. You can give the pumpkin whatever look you want, or you can just follow the instructions I have prepared. If you like this manual and would like to learn how to draw other things as well, I invite you to see other posts. For example, try drawing a simple clover from How to draw a clover. Or get ready for the Christmas season and learn How to draw a Christmas tree?

Pumpkin drawing – instruction

You really don’t need much to make a pumpkin drawing. Paper, pencil, crayons, black felt-tip pen (optional) and an eraser. This exercise is a step-by-step drawing instruction in pictures. Each new drawing is the next step. Newly drawn elements are always marked in red so that you do not get lost in following the instructions. Are you ready to start the exercise? If so, let’s get started!

Time needed: 10 minutes

Pumpkin for Halloween – simple drawing step by step

  1. First step – circle

    The first step of the manual is very simple. Draw a large, elongated circle in the center of the page. Important note – do not press the pencil too hard against the paper, because eventually we will erase this circle with an eraser.rysowanie dyni z obrazków

  2. How to draw a pumpkin from a circle?

    Then, inside the circle, draw a longitudinal vertical cylinder and several C-shaped arcs that are attached to this cylinder. Everything can go beyond the line of the previously drawn circle.dynia na halloween rysunek

  3. How to draw a pumpkin for Halloween?

    Erase the wheel and leave only the rollers. Draw three triangles in the middle – two at the same height and one in the middle lower. These will be the eyes and nose of our Halloween pumpkin. Make a horizontal banana-shaped arch below the triangles. Finally, at the top, draw a pumpkin tail.jak narysować dynię halloween instrukcja

  4. How to draw a Halloween Pumpkin.

    The drawing of a pumpkin for Halloween is almost done. Just add 3 squares in your smile – these will be the teeth of our lantern.rysunek na halloween dla dzieci

  5. Coloring page pumpkin for Halloween

    Erase unnecessary lines inside. Then, after erasing the lines, you can correct the contours with a felt-tip pen.dynia kolorowanka

  6. Drawing of a pumpkin for Halloween

    Finally, take colored pencils or markers and color your pumpkin orange. Well done, your drawing is finished.kolorowa dynia na halloween

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