how to draw a dolphin

Dolphin – pro How to draw a dolphin – step by step drawing

Dolphin – How To Draw a Dolphin is a fun way to learn to draw these aquatic mammals. With this tutorial, you will draw a dolphin once twice. This drawing exercise can be successfully used in art classes at school and kindergarten. You can also practice at home alone. All you need to complete the task is a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and colored pencils or markers. Make the drawing with a pencil at the beginning and remember not to press the tool too hard. Then it will be more difficult to erase the pencil. Especially that the elements that we draw at the beginning and are used to construct and find the shape at the end, we will erase.

Dolphin – simple drawing

Dolphins are extremely intelligent marine mammals. They have a distinctive shape and a shark-like dorsal fin. However, they have a different jaw and much smaller teeth than sharks. Dolphins swim in the oceans among the many colorful fish. If, in addition to a dolphin, you would also like to draw fish around, then I invite you to follow my simple instructions on how to draw a fish and How to draw a penguin.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw a dolphin – instruction

  1. Dolphin head

    In the first step, draw a circle on the left and a smaller oblong oval that slightly overlaps the circle.delfin rysunek krok po kroku

  2. How to draw a Dolphin

    From the circle, draw two arcs that connect at the bottom to a small circle. This is how we marked the back of our dolphin.ja narysować delfina

  3. How to draw a dolphin face

    Then we will mark the eye and the face of the dolphin. From the small circle, lead the two fins. A beautiful dolphin tail came out.jak namalować delfina dla dzieci

  4. Draw fins

    The dolphin has a nostril on top of its head like a whale. Draw a small hole on his forehead. Then, in the middle of the back, make a triangular fin. It looks similar to that of the shark, but is more rounded at the edges. Draw a line from the tail to the middle of the belly, then draw the pectoral fins.jak narysować delfina łatwo

  5. Dolphin coloring book

    Erase all unnecessary construction lines and prepare your drawing for coloring.kolorowanka delfin

  6. Dolphin drawing – how to make

    W ten oto szybki sposób nauczyłeś się rysować delfiny. W kolorze będzie wyglądać jeszcze lepiej. Weź kredki i pokoloruj swój rysunek. kolrowy rysunek delfin