easter coloring pages

Easter Coloring Pages – Printable for Kids

Easter Coloring Pages is a collection of simple holiday pictures for coloring for the youngest children. These are simple and uncomplicated drawings of an Easter bunny, chicken or Easter eggs. The pictures will be useful during classes at school in grades 1-3 and in kindergartens. Just print them out and children will decorate them in the most creative way they know.

Straight lines will not be difficult for the youngest kids when coloring. The drawings can be used as coloring books, tear-outs, scrapbooks or coloring books.

Easter rabbit for coloring – Easter drawings

Easy pictures of cute rabbits. You can easily print and color the drawings. Then you can make a beautiful gallery of images for your Easter holiday. If you would like to learn a cool simple rabbit for Easter, I invite you to follow the step-by-step instructions on How to draw a rabbit.

Easter eggs – Easter eggs for coloring

Coloring pages for children for Easter, of course, can not do without cool, simple drawings of Easter eggs. Especially for this occasion, I have prepared a few coloring templates to decorate during art classes. Such drawings will be perfect as a template for plasticine cutouts or when using scraps of colored tissue paper.

Printable Easter Coloring Pages

Easter is, of course, a holiday which is inextricably linked with the symbolism of new life, innocent sacrifice and resurrection. The egg is the symbol of life, while the lamb has become the symbol of the sacrifice. Next to the Easter bunny and the chicken, it is the most recognizable symbol of Easter. That’s why we couldn’t miss it in our set of coloring pictures for the holidays. Easter coloring book with a lamb is a drawing that will work well during religion lessons. You can draw one yourself using my How to Draw a Lamb instruction. And how to draw a chick with an Easter egg, you will learn how to draw from the How to Draw Easter Chicken step by step.

Easter coloring pages are a great idea to spend pre-Christmas time with your child. Preparing decorations together, painting eggs, decorating the house and preparing beautiful drawings for Easter. Children will not be bored for sure. Painting is also a way to get creative at home during the Christmas break.