how to draw snowdrops

How to draw snowdrops – step by step

How to draw snowdrops is a good exercise for the beginning of spring. When winter disappears and it gets warmer, the first flowers appear – snowdrops. They are small white flowers that are still blooming when the last snow is lying on the ground. They are one of the first heralds of spring. I will show you how to easily make an easy drawing of snowdrops. Use this exercise in art school or in kindergarten classes. Since this is a simple instruction, even the youngest children can handle it.

Snowdrops – how to make a simple drawing

For this drawing exercise, you will need a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and colored pencils – all you need is green and blue. The blue one will delicately mark the shadows on snow and white snowdrops. If you’ve got everything ready, we can start.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw snowdrops – learning drawing for kids

  1. Drawing snowdrops

    First, draw two bell shapes on a piece of paper.przebiśniegi jak narysować

  2. Snowdrops stalks

    Then make an emerging stem for each bell.przebiśniegi rysowanie

  3. Snowdrop petals

    Make a boat-shaped petal from each bell.jak narysować przebiśniega

  4. How to draw snowdrops

    Then, on each side, draw more snowflakes for the snowdrops. Each flower is to have three petals. Make some leaves at the bottom of the stem.przebiśniegi instrukcja krok po kroku

  5. Snowdrops in the snow

    Finally, draw snow around the snowdrops.rysunek przebiśniegów łatwy

  6. Simple drawing snowdrops

    Your drawing is ready. It wasn’t that difficult, wasn’t it?malowanka przebiśniegi

  7. Color the drawing

    Now take the crayons and color your drawing. Follow mine.wiosenny kwiatek

Spring drawings for children

In this tutorial you learned how to draw simple snowdrops. But I also prepared other spring exercises for children. The harbinger of spring is also the sight of a stork in the sky. Make a drawing of a stork from my How to draw a stork instruction. You can also practice drawing tulips or other flowers with me step by step. Or to draw a beautiful spring maiden – see the How to draw a lady spring manual to start the exercise. Feel free to draw large and small together.