how to draw ice cream

How to draw ice cream – step by step

Instructions on how to draw a ice cream cone is a great drawing exercise for the summer season. Thanks to this, kids will be able to easily draw their favorite summer dessert. Because who doesn’t like ice cream in hot summer? If you would also like to make a simple drawing of an ice cream cone, you’ve come to the right place. Such a drawing can then decorate the wall in the room, you can also make an ice cream parlor game and use the drawing as a sign – a sign that you are selling an ice cream cone. It is great fun for preschool and early school children.

Ice Cream Drawing – How to Draw a Simple Ice Cream Cone

I will teach you to draw scoop ice cream in a waffle cone. These types of ice cream come in all sorts of flavors and it’s often hard to decide on just one. Therefore, most often we take more knobs. In our drawing, we will make as many as three knobs. And what’s better – you choose the flavors of this ice cream by coloring it in the colors of your choice. Prepare the appropriate crayons, pencil and eraser, and of course a piece of paper. These scoop ice cream is made of milk, and milk is produced by the cow. If you would like to make some other holiday drawings, I recommend the How to draw a palm tree manual.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw ice cream – instruction

  1. Draw a circle

    Make a circle approximately in the middle of the sheet – this will be the first scoop of our ice cream.lody jak narysować

  2. How to draw ice cream from circles

    Make two more next to the first circle. Each of them overlaps. Do one next to it and the third one upstairs.rysowanie lodów instrukcja

  3. Ice cream cone

    Make a triangle under the circles – this will be our cone.jak narysować lody instrukcja dla dzieci

  4. How to draw ice cream – step 4

    Now take the eraser and erase any unnecessary lines. Then make a few diagonal lines in a triangular waffle.lody w rożku rysunek

  5. How to draw an Ice Cream Wafer – Cone

    The wafer often has a plaid pattern, which we will try to draw in a simple way. Now make diagonal lines to the other side so that there is a grid on the corner.lody w wafelku rysunek

  6. How to draw ice cream with icing

    Our drawing is almost ready. Now we’ll just make a little flourish on each scoop of ice cream – it will be a delicious topping.jak narysować lody w rożku

  7. Drawing ice cream for coloring

    And please, we drew a beautiful drawing of ice cream. Now take the crayons and color it.rysunek lodów kolorowanka

  8. Colorful drawing of ice cream

    My drawing looks like this. I made the knobs in pink, brown and yellow. So I made strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream. But you can color your ice cream the way you want. It’s up to you what their flavors will be.kolorowy rysunek gałkowych lodów w rożku