how to draw a palm tree

How to draw a palm tree – step by step

Instructions on how to draw a palm tree is a simple art exercise that you can do yourself during the summer holiday break. Learn to draw paradise palm trees. The palm tree is a very distinctive tropical tree with large leaves that spread out like an umbrella. Thanks to this step-by-step instruction you will learn how to draw one yourself. It is not as complicated as it may seem.

Palm Drawing – How to Draw a Palm Tree

For this drawing exercise, you will need a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, and crayons. If you make a mistake, you can rubber the wrong lines. In addition, we will use an eraser to erase construction lines that will help us draw the palm shape. Remember that we first draw the general outline and shapes and only then play with the details. Therefore, first we make a delicate pencil drawing – do not press the tool tightly against the sheet of paper. This way, it will be easier for you to rubberize the guidelines. If you’ve got everything ready, we can start.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to draw a palm tree – instruction

  1. Palm drawing – step 1

    Start by drawing a little circle at the top of the page. Mark the center of the circle with a dot. Then draw two curved lines down from the circle.palma rysunek krok po kroku

  2. How to draw a palm tree

    From the dot in the circle, draw 5 folded lines. Try to do each one going in a slightly different direction.jak narysować palmę

  3. Palm tree – step by step drawing

    Draw one more line for each line and close the shape – it will be palm leaves. On the other hand, mark a few lines on the palm tree trunk.jak narysować liście palmy

  4. How to draw palm leaves

    You can now erase the circle in the middle. Make a line through the center of each palm leaf. At the bottom, you can draw a few tufts of grass and the ground.palma prosty rysunek

  5. Finish drawing the palm leaves

    Make several indentations on each palm leaf.jak narysować palmę kokosową

  6. How to draw a Coconut Palm

    Now take a gumming eraser and erase any unnecessary lines in the palm leaves. Also draw two circles under the leaves – these will be coconuts.palma kokosowa jak narysować

  7. Coconut palm – coloring book

    After erasing unnecessary lines, coconuts should hide under the leaves. And so you have a drawing of a palm tree with coconuts ready.palma kolorowanka dla dzieci

  8. Color the drawing

    You can now take the crayons and color your finished palm tree drawing.kolorowy rysunek palmy

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