how to draw a panda

How to draw a panda – step by step

Picture instruction on how to draw a panda. A simple drawing that can be made even by the youngest children, including preschoolers. Young children love cute pandas that look like black and white teddy bears. And although the panda is not a bear, it looks very much like a bear. He has a wide belly, feet and a face just like bears. So if, after drawing a panda, you decide that you would also like to draw a teddy bear, I invite you to help me and draw a teddy bear.

Drawing panda for learning

To get to the exercise, prepare something on which you will draw. A white piece of paper will work best here. Use a pencil for sketching, which you can erase with an eraser if necessary. If you have everything ready, we can start learning how to draw a panda.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Simple instruction on how to draw a panda

  1. How to draw a panda – step one

    Draw two circles that intersect with each other. Make the upper ones larger, and make the lower ones slightly flattened.panda rysunek

  2. Panda ears

    Draw ears on the upper circle. Then, in the center of the circle, make two ovalsjak narysować pandę krok po kroku

  3. Paint the face of the panda

    Now make a small even circle in the ovals. Make a nose and panda face between them. At the bottom, draw two circles – panda’s feet.prosty rysunek pandy

  4. Upper paws

    Draw a roller on the right. On the left, a circle next to the mouth. Then connect the circle with a line to the belly. Make a line through the center of the belly.jak namalować pandę

  5. How to draw a panda with bamboo

    Draw a roller in the panda’s paws. This will be her attribute – bamboo. Since pandas eat nothing else, this is their hallmark.panda z bambusem

  6. Finish drawing the bamboo

    Make horizontal lines along the bamboo. Then draw two leaves at the end.rysunek pandy z bambusem dla dzieci

  7. Panda coloring book

    Your panda drawing is now ready. You can now color the drawing. You can also print mine and color it.kolorowanki dla dzieci panda

  8. A colorful drawing of a panda

    Panda is black and white. Color the bamboo stalk green.kolorowy rysunek pandy