how to draw a dog

How to draw a dog – step by step

A super simple instruction for both children and adults who want to learn how to draw a dog in a fairy-tale style. If you want to teach your child to draw animals from simple shapes, with this step-by-step instruction you will see that drawing a dog is not that difficult at all. For your convenience, I have marked the steps in red for you so that you know what you need to draw and how it should look exactly. If you are interested in how to draw a cat, go to another article.

Drawing a dog – instruction for children

Time needed 10 minutes

With this instruction, you will learn how to draw a doggie and you will be able to show off your skills at school and kindergarten.

  1. Start with the circle

    First, draw a circle that will act as the dog’s facehow to draw a dog

  2. Draw the dog’s head and nose

    Then we draw the second part of the dog’s head and nose. Above the oval, draw an arc, that is, the head of the dog. At the top of the oval, draw a round toe. Paint it drawing

  3. It’s turn to the dog’s ears

    Now it’s the dog’s ears. Dogs have different ears, but this one will have flappy ears. To do this, draw oblong dog ears on both sides of the head as shown in the picture.draw dog ears

  4. Finish drawing the head

    In this step, we will be drawing both the eyes, face and front paws, so we have a lot of work to do. The meshes are two oblong dots. Above them, draw small arcs or eyebrows.
    Draw a line under the nose that bends into an anchor at the bottom. This will be the doggy’s face.
    Leave some space under the head and draw two open rollers slightly rounded at the end, because these will be the front to draw a dog step by step

  5. Our drawing looks like a dog

    Now it’s time to draw the dog’s tummy. Draw a circle from which the dog’s feet will stick out a little. If you are drawing with a pencil, you can make a full circle and then erase the parts where the circle touches the head and feet.krok piąty jak narysować psa

  6. Almost ready, draw the toes and tail

    It’s the turn of the hind feet and the tail, so draw two rollers on both sides of the belly – these will be the feet. Draw a slightly bent roller over one of the hind legs – the dog’s tail. piesek krok szósty

  7. drawing of a dog is ready

    This is what the finished dog looks like. It was that simple, wasn’t it? Thanks to this exercise, you already know how to draw a dog. If you want you can also color it.gotowy piesek

  8. Now paint it

    I colored the dog like this, but you can choose other colors. Happy coloring!piesek pokolorowany

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