how to draw a frog step by step

How to draw a Frog? – step by step

If you would like to know how to draw a frog from a fairy tale, then you are on the right page. Because I have a simple instruction for you in seven easy-to-follow steps to show you how. The exercise is so simple that preschool children can do it. Just draw with me step by step and you will see that drawing a frog has never been easier. So take a blank sheet of paper and something to draw – preferably a crayon or pencil. To make it more convenient, always draw with something that can be erased in case something goes wrong. Then you can correct the finished drawing with a felt-tip pen or marker. If you want to learn how to draw a hen.

Drawing frog – instruction for children

I will mark the drawn elements in red to make it easier for you to draw a frog with me. If you are ready and everything is ready, let’s start!

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post, you will learn how to draw a smiling frog

  1. First step

    In the center at the top of the sheet we draw an oval frog’s head, and on it protruding two circles – the eyes of the frog.instrukcja rysunkowa dla dzieci

  2. How to draw a Frog

    Erase the lines intersecting the two circles – the eyes. Now draw black dots in circles. Draw a frog’s body under the head.jak narysować żabę

  3. Legs and smile

    Now it is the turn to draw a wide smile for our frog. Then, on each side of the torso, draw two legs – oblong ovals. And in the center, mark the two front paws with vertical lines.rysujemy żabę z dzieckiem

  4. Draw the fingers of the frog

    Draw a frog on each leg. They don’t have to be too equal.rysunek żabki

  5. The last details

    The drawing is almost finished. At the very end, draw some membranes between the fingers, and at the end of each finger make a circle. Frogs have such round fingertips.jak narysować żabkę krok po kroku

  6. The frog is ready for coloring

    Our joint drawing is now finished. You just learned how to draw a frog. It wasn’t that hard, wasn’t it?żaba kolorowanka

  7. Color your frog

    Take your colored pencils now and color your frog green. Or any other color you want. Have fun coloring.kolorowa żabka rysunek dla dzieci