how to draw a teddy bear

How to draw a teddy bear – step by step

Draw a cute easy teddy bear out of the circles. You don’t know how, but would you like to learn how to draw a teddy bear? This instruction is intended for everyone – both adults who want to learn drawing from scratch, and preschoolers. Thanks to this, each toddler will be able to draw his beloved cuddly toy himself. Or maybe he will make a beautiful drawing for a teddy bear’s day in kindergarten? Once you’re done, you can try drawing a panda too, which is very similar to a teddy bear. Go to the link How to draw a panda. And if you would like to learn how to draw other animals, check out the article how to draw an owl.

Step by step instruction on how to draw a teddy bear

Time needed: 10 minutes

To draw a teddy bear you will need a sheet of paper, a pencil, crayons and an eraser.

  1. How to draw a teddy bear from circles

    At the top of the sheet of paper we draw a circle, and at the bottom of this circle a second one that intersects the smaller circle.rysowanie misia krok po kroku

  2. We draw the ears of a teddy bear

    Draw two semicircles on both sides of the head. These will be the ears of the teddy bear.instrukcja obrazkowa dla dzieci

  3. Draw a face, eyes, nose and belly

    Now it’s time to draw eyes and a nose for the teddy bear – make black dots. We draw a smile under the nose. At the very end we draw the oval belly of the teddy bear.rysunek misia dla dzieci

  4. How to draw a teddy bear’s feet

    On both sides of the belly, at the bottom, draw two ovals – these will be the back feet of the teddy bear. A little higher on both sides, mark the two teddy bear’s feet. They are in the shape of a bit of a spiral six.instrukcja rysowania

  5. How to draw a teddy bear – step 5

    Now it’s time to connect the hind legs with the tummy. Make two bows on each paw – this way we will mark where the teddy bear has its feet.rysowanie Z dzieckiem

  6. Teddy’s feet

    Finally, the last one – that is, drawing the bear’s feet. Make three small circles for the fingers and one larger circle on each foot.szkicowanie dla dzieci

  7. Teddy bear coloring book

    Your teddy bear drawing is ready for coloring.miś kolorowanka

  8. Color the picture

    Now it’s time to take the crayons and color the picture of the teddy bear. You can suggest the colors I used or what you want.kolorowy miś dla dzieci

This instruction is simple because it is divided into steps. In each drawing, I mark with a red line what has been drawn so that you can easily follow the drawing. If you’re ready for the challenge, here we go!

A set of various types of coloring pages with teddy bears for the youngest can be found here – Teddy bear coloring.