how to draw an easter bunny

How to draw an Easter Rabbit? – step by step

Easter is just around the corner, so maybe a drawing of a bunny? If you would like to know how to draw a rabbit, check out my post. You don’t have to search anymore, because with this step-by-step instruction you will do it twice. Continue reading to see the entire manual. At the end you’ll see how simple it is. You can also cut out your drawing and hang it as an Easter decoration. You can do the same with the How to draw a lamb, which I also encourage you to follow. So here we go!

How to draw a rabbit – step by step instruction.

To make it easier for you to follow what I am doing, I will mark the steps in red. This way, it will be easier for you to follow the next steps. Thanks to this you will see what and where has been drawn. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

Time needed: 10 minutes

To make a drawing, you will need a sheet of paper, a pencil, an eraser, colored pencils and a desire.

  1. Two wheels

    The first thing we draw are two oval circles at the top of the page. One vertically and the other horizontally. This will be the head of a rabbit. So remember – don’t start all the way up as you won’t fit rabbit ears.jak narysować królika krok po kroku

  2. How to draw rabbit ears

    Now it’s the turn of the big rabbit ears. You can erase the lines in the center of the head with an eraser. Isn’t it starting to look like a cute bunny already?rysowanie królika krok po kroku

  3. We draw a rabbit’s face

    In this step, we will draw a rabbit’s face. Start with the triangular nose in the center of the mouth. From the nose, draw two arcs going down. Where these arcs meet, draw the rabbit two teeth. And over the nose, draw two beautiful eyes. jak narysować pyszczek królika

  4. We draw a round belly of a rabbit

    It’s time to draw the rabbit his round belly. We will also mark the middle of the ears with an arc-shaped line.królik wielkanocny rysunek dla dzieci

  5. Four wheels, i.e. the rabbit’s back feet

    Now it’s time to draw the rabbit’s hind legs. As always, we do it in the easiest way. Two oblong ovals on both sides of the belly and two horizontal ovals for rabbit feet.rysunek królika dla dzieci

  6. Two feet and a tail

    To make the rear feet look nice, erase the lines inside with an eraser. Then draw two rollers on the belly. At the bottom, make lines in the rollers – bunny claws. On the left side at the bottom, draw a frayed tail.rysowanie królika wielkanocnego

  7. Easter rabbit with a basket

    To make our rabbit fully Easter, draw him a basket with Easter eggs. And don’t forget to draw a mustache on the rabbit!króliczek wielkanocny instrukcja krok po kroku

  8. Easter rabbit coloring book

    You just learned how to draw an Easter Bunny step by step. Your drawing is ready and it should look something like this.królik wielkanocny do kolorowania

  9. Color your rabbit

    Now you can draw out the crayons and color your own hand-drawn rabbit drawing. I have colored mine yes, but you can use other colors. Good luck!króliczek wielkanocny