how to draw a unicorn

How to draw a unicorn – step by step

How to draw If you love horses, ponies and unicorns then this post is just for you. Learn how to draw a unicorn here. And if you would like to learn how to draw a real horse, see the post How to draw a horse. Although the unicorn is such a horse with a horn, this manual will show you a simple and fairy-tale version of this magical animal. Get your rainbow colored pencils to give your unicorn a beautiful mane. Also take a pencil, an eraser and a piece of paper, because we are going to start drawing in a moment. Unicorn? – step by step

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How to draw a unicorn – instruction

To make your task easier, all the next steps are marked in red. Remember to start drawing with a pencil. Do not press it down so that you can easily erase what you missed with an eraser.

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post, I will show you how to draw a unicorn.

  1. Unicorn – start drawing with three circles.

    At the top left of the sheet of paper, draw two small intersecting circles. Make one oblong circle underneath in the center. These are circles, helpers, so they will be erased afterwards.

  2. The line around the circles.

    Outline the circles and connect the two shapes with each other. See how nicely the head of the horse and its back were created in this way. You can erase the auxiliary circles, because they will no longer be needed.

  3. The unicorn’s face

    We now come to the nicer things – namely, drawing the nose, eye and ear of the unicorn. Make a triangular corner on his forehead.

  4. Unicorn drawing – legs

    Now draw four rollers – the legs of the unicorn and its belly.

  5. Mane and tail

    Now draw a beautiful mane and tail for your unicorn. Mark the hooves with horizontal lines.rysowanie jednorożca

  6. The last dashes

    This is almost the end of drawing. Just make horizontal lines on the unicorn horn and a few lines on the tail.instrukcja jednorożec rysunek

  7. Unicorn coloring book

    And this is how you managed to easily draw a cute fairy-tale unicorn.jednorożec kolorowanka dla dzieci

  8. Color the picture of the unicorn

    Now take the crayons and color your unicorn. If you think it should have different colors than the ones I used, feel free to change them. This will make your drawing more unique.jednorożec z tęczową grzywą