how to draw an elephant

How to draw an elephant? – step by step

If you want to learn how to draw an elephant, you’ve come to the right place. I have a simple instruction for you in seven easy-to-follow steps to show you how. Just do what I did step by step and you’ll find that drawing an elephant has never been easier. Prepare a blank sheet of paper and something to draw – crayons or a pencil and an eraser to erase the auxiliary lines. Always sketch simple shapes first, which you will enrich with details while drawing. If you want to learn how to draw a dog, I invite you to another post.

How to draw an elephant? – instruction

I mark the elements that I am going to draw in red for you. This way you will see more easily what has been drawn in the next step. Is everything ready? So here we go!

Time needed: 10 minutes

In this post, I’ll show you how to draw an elephant.

  1. Let’s start with two circles.

    Draw a large oval in the center of the sheet – the elephant’s body. Draw a smaller circle above the oval on the left. Make sure the circle touches the oval a little.rysujemy słonia

  2. Elephant ears and trunk

    On both sides of the head-circle, draw the characteristic large elephant ears. From the center of the head, draw an outgoing trunk.słoń rysunek dla dzieci

  3. Elephant’s eyes and legs

    Make two dots above the trunk – the elephant’s eyes. Draw two legs of the elephant from the body.słoń instrukcja rysowania

  4. A tail and two more legs

    The elephant has a narrow, small tail that ends like a brush at the end. Draw him one like this. Also draw two legs that are on the back.słonik rysunek

  5. Elephant tusks

    On both sides of the trunk, draw two blows to the elephant – fangs. Make horizontal lines on the trunk and draw 3 nails on each leg.prosty rysunek słonia dla dzieci

  6. How to draw an elephant

    Now it’s time for details and corrections. Mark the elephant’s knees on its legs. You can also make him two hairs on his head.jak narysować słonika

  7. Elephant coloring book

    Our elephant coloring book is ready! It is true that it turned out very impressive?słoń kolorowanka dla dzieci

  8. Color the elephant

    Now take your crayons and color your drawing.rysunek słonia