how to draw flowers

How to draw flowers – in a vase – step by step?

Manual just in time for spring – how to draw spring flowers in a vase? In this post, I will teach you how to make flower drawing. Additionally, I will show you how to draw a vase from simple shapes. You will be able to use your knowledge for further drawings, whether for art at school or for yourself at home. We will learn to draw very simple two types of spring flowers, namely tulips and gerberas. However, if you have practiced with me how to draw a daffodil before, there is nothing to prevent you from including this flower in your spring bouquet. Or, you can draw the flowers themselves from my instructions to create a flower meadow. See also instructions on how to draw tulips and how to draw a rose.

However, if you prefer to color flowers instead of drawing them, I invite you to the post Flower coloring pages, where you will find a set of ready-made simple drawings of flowers for coloring.

How to draw a vase of flowers?

Some of you will say that drawing flowers is not a problem. The worse thing is drawing the vase itself. We can also deal with this in a simple way. The spring flowers in a vase that I am going to show you are such a simple drawing that, with a little desire, any child can make them. Therefore, it is a great plastic art exercise for children.

How to draw flowers – instruction

So let’s move on to the exercise. Have a sheet of paper, a pencil and an eraser ready. Always make a pencil drawing first so that you can erase any mistakes if you make a mistake.

Time needed: 5 minutes

We will draw flowers with a pencil

  1. Vase with Flowers

    Start by drawing a fairly large circle at the bottom of the page, roughly in the center.jak narysować wazon z kwiatami

  2. How to draw a vase of flowers – step two

    Make two flattened ovals above and below the circle – something like halos.jak narysować wazon i kwiaty

  3. We connect shapes

    Connect all the circles with slightly bent lines.wazon jak namalować

  4. Now we are going to draw flowers in a vase

    Make two circles and two arches above the vase. You can erase the lines in the center of the vase.kwiaty w wazonie

  5. Drawing tulips and daisies

    Place the petals tightly around the circles with a frill and make tulip cups from the arches. Draw one more circle on the side to keep the flower bouquet full.wiosenne kwiatki w wazonie

  6. How to draw flowers in a vase

    Draw two lines from each flower – these will be the stems.jak narysować kwiaty

  7. Flower leaves

    Make a few oblong leaves.rysunek kwiatów do druku

  8. Flowers in a vase – coloring book

    Your flower drawing is now ready.wiosenne kwiaty w wazonie rysunek

  9. Drawing for coloring – spring flowers

    Now take the crayons and color your drawing. If you want, you can follow my drawing or use other colors.kolorowe kwiaty wiosenne